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Tourguide Training 2016

Montag, 21. März 2016 | Claudia Wenhart / Peter Rollmann / Björn / Tom Friden / Holger Homann | News

The last Edelweiss training day started on Sunday morning with shooting a new group picture at the sports field.

A lot of information about marketing und social media, our new CMS system and navigation were the topics of this day.

... always fun with Albert
Franziska presenting Marketing and Social Media
Our tourguides on Harleys already loaded for the Transport tomorrow for our next guided motorcycle tours in Marocco
Lunchtime with the "Grillkönig" - perfect weather for a barbecue with steaks, sausages, grilled vegetable and different salads - delicious
... a perfect working place in the sun
Domenico and Markus

Our training day ended with a yummy dinner at Kranewitter Stadel in Telfs. We all had a lot of fun at the professional photo shooting with Kerstin. Michael presented our Island Tour, which was a new tour in 2015. Perfect pictures in an amazing landscape.

Kerstin in action - not only perfect in finance
The team which won the "Schnitzeljagd" around Mieming
... roses and a warm thanks to the ladies for providing yummy cakes
Our tour guide rookies of the year 2015 - Peter and Björn
Blogger of the year 2015 - Rainer is handing over the trophy to Domenico
Tour guides of the year 2015
1. Ursula
2. Michael
3. Domenico

Saturday noon/afternoon: Some practical training...

Getting ready for afternoons training
Our new team of transport drivers also arrived for the training to learn and practice how to load the trailer correctly and safely.

First Aid is always important and trained at four different station with various scenes.

David always in a good mood
... everybody is listening carefully

Saturday morning 9 o'clock the tourguide training with all 55 tourguides started.

Rainer gave us a short review of the year 2015 and a forecast to 2016. Our new CMS system is introduced and Stephan, Thomas and Manuel explained the structure and how to use it in practice.

Rainer presenting the year 2015
Markus, Alan und Tom
Always good conversation in the breaks.....
Angela und Peter enjoying the sun
Claudia drawing the two groups that have to prepare the picnicks for tomorrow
Today's lunch was a very tasty Gulasch prepared by Angelika
Feedback from Markus
Uwe presenting the third riding day
Second riding day presented by Laurence
Lukas presenting the first day
Peter and Björn presenting the second Welcome Briefing
Holger and Rob presenting the Welcome Briefing

The next day started with the thoroughly prepared briefing presentations. In two groups we did the welcome briefings and daily briefings for the North Cape and the Ultimate Alps Tour.

Working, also in the evening. Like on tour
Claudia is showing her skills while tire repair.
Mechanical skills are also part of every tourguide!
Waiting for a ride!
Lunch on the motorbike, eat, sleep, ride
Listening carefully to all the paperwork informations.
Markus is showing how to do a properly bike handover.
The dog listens as well
That's the way it works
One of the groups...

As spring is about to blossom.........so does this traing to the new season of awesome riding begin........

.... a lot of information

Finally.......when the Tourguide training starts, the new motorcycle season in Europe is just arond the corner.

Wednesday morning 9.00 o'clock the Tourguide training 2016 starts. Nine "rookies" and seven tourguides in their second season arrived in Mieming.

The training starts with the EBT promotion video, in which all important stations of a tour are shown and explained in depth.

Under blue sky and sunshine  we had a great lunch with homemade yummy "Speck- and Käseknödel" from Angelika.

The sixteen tourguides are enjoying new found cameraderie and learning the Edelweiss system.

It is a lot to take in, but in the long run it is all worth it as the tourguides learn many things to make customer experiences execeptional and that is the most important thing that Edelweiss delivers.

Angelika and Gerhard
Our teacher Markus

After a long day with a lot of information to digest the new tourguides were looking forward to a hardy tirolischen meal.

Eva und Thomas
Eva und Claudia
Jonas, Tobias and Jens chilling in the sun


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Dienstag, 29. März 2016 um 11:40

Looking good guys! Have a lovely season.
Pablo Piferrer
Dienstag, 22. März 2016 um 17:46

Hello from Guatemala!!
Sorry it has taken so long to write, but it was very hard not to enjoy the beautiful weather!

I am glad you all enjoyed yourselves. Great to see you all even if it's in pictures.

Hope to see you all soon.
Montag, 21. März 2016 um 00:19

Well... What can we say... Where else would you find...

- four days of the most wonderful blue sky sunshine in the most wonderful center of the universe... Mieming
- people from Germany, Austria, The United States, Luxembourg (is that even a country?), Brazil, Hungaria (although slightly also Spanish), Spain, Italy, Holland, Switzerland (although slightly also american), and that other center of the universe: Belgium!
- Gulashsuppe, chili con carne, pizza, pasta, salat, portuguese picnic, french picnic, a beer, schnitzel, some more beer, spinatknodl, a beer again, soms more schnitzel, kartoffelsalat, oh, and did I mention a beer or two? (Or is that because I'm Belgian?)
- Harleys (a whole bunch of them on the longest trailer in the world), Triumphs (just about every shape and form), Ducati's (waiting for other shapes and forms to come in), the new Africa Twin, the very tantalizing new S1000XR, oh, and some old worn out crappy offroad bike from an office staff member... albert?)
- a Maserati AND an original Fiat Panda (both on German plates...).
- a picture in a Tyrolean Stadl and a picture in a Tyrolean sportplatz
- and just, as a whole, the most professional, proper, serious, "let's all have a fantastic riding season"-FUN?!!

Nowhere... Except here at Edelweiss Tourguide Training!

Thank you all for a great week, for so much laughs and memories, and for yet another super start to what will be another wonderful season.

See you down the road... On the best ride there is!

Claudia Wenhart
Montag, 21. März 2016 um 11:05

Thanks to everybody for making pictures and commenting the blogg!! Have a great season!
Anna Hertwig
Donnerstag, 17. März 2016 um 21:40

Wish you all a great tour guide training!
Viktoria Neuner
Donnerstag, 17. März 2016 um 16:19

Edelweiss trophy for best cooking goes to Angelika
Holger Homann
Mittwoch, 16. März 2016 um 18:26

Hey Claudia, great job, well done. Best regards Holger
Peter Rollmann
Mittwoch, 16. März 2016 um 18:18

to much information :P but excellent lunch


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