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Beiträge von Edelweiss Bike Travel

Rome To Sicily - RTS1203

10. Oktober 2012

9. Bring em back to Catania - Day, 20.10.12 Last riding day. We did the last klicks on the bikes and headed to Catania. After the farewell dinner we had to say goodbye. Thanks to everybody for a fantastic tour. See you ...

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PYT1202. Funny Pyrenees!!

26. September 2012

Sorry for the late Blog... but, if you were at the Tour, you can understand me... Anyway, I want to show some pictures from the group.

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Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia Tour SPT1218. Samba in the Adriatic Sea?

21. August 2012

Hello everyone! Great adventure of this group of 10 Brazilians, determined to enjoy the wonders of the Adriatic Sea, its people and landscapes. Welcome Breafing to know the details of the tour.

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High Alpine Tour SPT1228 Alps with flavours from India.

2. Juli 2012

A group of braves from India and USA is here to demonstrate that love to the Alps, has no borders. Friedly people that are always smiling, makes the ambient, the better to enjoy the roads on the mountains. Departure from Seefeld on this occasion, after welcome breafing. ...

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Pyreneen Extrem last day.

16. Juni 2012

The last day in this wonderfull Tour came.. We could enjoy the curvely excellet paved roads wich drive close to the seashore cliffs at the Mediterranean See, from France to Spain we crossed the "no more" border. Driving through some of the most beautifull villages at ...

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First EBT-Tour of the Pyrenees 2012

14. Juni 2012

Day 4: another restday - now in France pics to come by the end of the day... Day 3: Peramola - Carcassonne: we stay in the midst of this medieval castle which was the center of the Cathars movement in ...

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5th and 6th days. 4PE1201 Pyreneen Extrem

12. Juni 2012

Back in the mountains we test our driving on snakey roads and passes, every new turn presents us a breathtaken landscape....there is no place like the Pyrennes to ride alone on wonderfull roads:

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3rd and 4th Days Pereneen Extrem 4PE1201

12. Juni 2012

Hello everybody , the tour is going on. We started with a concrete road as a warm up and surfed on the top:

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2nd day Pyreneen Extrem 4PE1201

9. Juni 2012

The fun goes on,....what a wonder ist waiting for us!:

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Pyrenees Extreme 4PE1201

7. Juni 2012

The first Tour in the Pereneen have just started. Monserrat Natural Park and Monastery gave us the wellcome. Tour members had time to get used with their Motorcycles with the  firt stunnig roads. Catalanish food like "Butifarra" and "Callos" were a special for today and how not ...

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HAT1201 Passes open or closed - that's the question

18. Mai 2012

Day 6: Warth - Erding: last day thanx to all of you for a great tour through the High Alps! That's us: a great group of great bikers - Tjako, ...

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The right thing at the right time - the Pyrenees in Sep 2011 (PYT1103)

26. September 2011

Day 1 the sun had just risen over a beautiful mediterranean sea, when we started from the Playa in Sitges this morning to leave the sea behind us and dive into the Catalan back country heading straight towards the mountain range lying in front ...

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