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CJA2202 The Secrets of Japan

15. Oktober 2022

Good morning from Japan to all you motorcycle riders out there!  I have a question for you to begin with: When do you think you know how much you were missing something? Well, the answer to this question is: Once you are back to where you haven't ...

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Scouting Oman und Vereinigte Arabische Emirate

10. April 2022

Our hotel up on Jebel Al Akhdar, which I can't find words to describe its magnificence, is very tempting to simply stay, relax and soak in the beauty you are surrounded with here. The beauty of the hotel same as that of the landscape. But in ...

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EXPO 2020 Dubai - extended visit after Tour of UAE and Oman

27. März 2022

Some riders of our Scouting tour of Oman and UAE have added a 2 days extension to visit the EXPO 2020 in Dubai.

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Destinations-Check: Hokkaido, Japan

29. März 2021

Motorrad fahren auf der Insel Hokkaido. Könnte das eine neue Tour-Destination sein?

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best book there is, Teil 10: Tibet 2012

29. März 2021

  Wo fange ich an? Vielleicht mit dem Dank an Tourguide Thomas, der uns ermutigt hat, diese Tour zu unternehmen. Ein einzigartiges Abenteuer. Nur 8 Teilnehmer waren gebucht, darum kümmerten sich 3 Guides (Deutsch, Chinesisch und Tibetisch) und dazu noch weitere 3 ...

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best book there is, Teil 2: Ein Brasilianer in Tibet

3. Januar 2021

  Zunächst möchte ich mich für die Gelegenheit bedanken, mich einzubringen und die vielen Motorradfahrer zu vertreten, die die Möglichkeit hatten, noch immer haben und auch in Zukunft haben werden, mit Edelweiss zu reisen. Ein seriöses und kompetentes Unternehmen in dem, was es tut, nämlich Motorradfahrer ...

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Thailand Extreme 4TH200A

19. Februar 2020

The group from  Canada : Steve, Peter, Carlos, John, Don, Jeff and Nigel. And Woddy from the US. They all arrived 1 day earlier to see Chiang Mai. After the welcome briefing and bike handover everybody is excited about the tour start tomorrow. 

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3SA2001 - Abenteuer Südostasien

1. Februar 2020

  Hello and welcome to the Blog of the Southeast Asia Tour! The tour is already done but please stay a while and read of our adventures. Find a 'Best of Pictures' at the very end of this page. ...

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Thailand Extreme 4TH190A

30. November 2019

Our Extreme team: Karl and Christian from Austria, Birgit, Johannes and Günter from Germany and Mark,  Cathy and Jeff from the US. Ready to start tomorrow!

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Thailand Extreme 4TH1902

21. November 2019

Our Extreme team this time comes from USA, Scottland and Germany. There was a special festival going on in Chiang Mai, where the sky at night was iluminated by thousands of lampignons or a kind of baloon. Very nice!

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1TB1901 - Welttour von Tallinn nach Bangkok

3. November 2019

Weeeee did it! We made it safe and sound to Bangkok! Around 17000km through 2 continents, 7 country’s in 73 days brought us down here on a trip of a lifetime! Congratulations to the whole crew and thank you to everybody who made this journey possible!

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Neue Touren 2020

16. September 2019

New tours

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Secrets of Japan, springtime in the Land of the Rising Sun - (CJA 1902)

27. April 2019

All the best and thank you all for a great two weeks in Japan!!

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Thailand Extreme 4TH1901

9. Februar 2019

Day 1 - Arrival in Chiang Mai  Everbody from the group made it safe to tour start.  Wael from Libanon, David and his son Nathan from the US, David also from US, Fabian and Mariella from Costa Rica, Jari from Finland/US and James from England. ...

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