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Best of Italy - the new one

17. Juni 2019

Day 9: Pienza - Rome

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Unpaved Tuscany UPT1901

4. Juni 2019

Welcome to the first of its kind in Italy, the Unpaved Tuscany tour is about to start and we are all ready to ride, learn and enjoy, because after all, it's what we love doing.    The guys are full of energy and ready for ...

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Tuscany by scooter 2TU1901

24. Mai 2019

Welcome to Tuscany!!! A cloudy sky in Florence is not too bad when you want to go for a walk through the centre! And this is how the tour started, with a visit to the cradle of Reinassance. We could admire some of the most impressive monuments, ...

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RTS1902 Rom to Sicily

17. Mai 2019

Our last riding day of the 'Rome to Sicily' tour took us from Agricento to Catania. Unfortunately we got rained on half of the day and so we weren't getting many pictures to show you here on the blog. As if he wanted to show off ...

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RTS1901: From Sicily to Rome!

9. Mai 2019

Thank you very much and keep the shiny side up, it's been a blast! Michaela & Tony

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6TG1901 Modultour 2019

15. April 2019

Day 6: Bozen to Mieming

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Rome to Sicily RTS1804

3. November 2018

Goodbye Sicily!

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SPT18126 - The very last Tour in the Dolomites

27. Oktober 2018

Even with clouds it is fantastic to ride here and improve the riding skils

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Sicily to Rome RTS180B

24. Oktober 2018

Day 9 - Pompeii and Amalfitana

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RTS 1803 - Sicily to Rome

24. Oktober 2018

Goodbye bella Italia!

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SPT18111 Mr. and Mrs Frist in Bella Italia

24. Oktober 2018

Day 11: Cooking Class in Villa Pitiana with the chef Mario Perone

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La Dolce Vita_ Mexicanos in Tuscany

25. September 2018


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Life is beautiful tour RTV1802

23. September 2018

Frank and Gary at Lake Reschen

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Toskana Tour - BIT1803 - Final Edition

22. September 2018

Day 8: San Marino - Florenz

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