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RTS1903 - Sicily to Rome

24. Oktober 2019

Christ the redeemer...

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CCC1902 Christopher Columbus Tour

23. Oktober 2019

Once more a riding season in the northern hemisphere of the globe is coming to an end. But, of course, this doesn't mean that you can't continue riding a motorcycle, right A group of riders from the USA, a German couple, and a couple from New ...

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ATC1906 - The last one for 2019

16. Oktober 2019

Happy riders at 2020m asl

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Around Tuscany with Vespas (2TU190A)

15. Oktober 2019

After a long journey from China we are happy to welcome in Firenze a group of Vespa riders. Manuel, Kim and Ms. Limeng will take good care of them, showing some of the most iconic highlights of this famous Italian region.

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14. Oktober 2019

A motorcycle tour that combines 3,000 years of history with lots of spectacular riding fun!

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Riding Academy Andalucia

11. Oktober 2019

Sunset at the hotel

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Fantatstic Andalusia Tour ATS 1902

10. Oktober 2019

All our guests arrived safely. This time we do have guests from the U.S., Canada, Cuba, Venezuela and Switzerland… quite interesting and promising mixture...

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The perfect Southern Italy Extreme!

10. Oktober 2019

A new tour is starting, the weather is great and the sun is warming up the air. We leave our hotel in the Campi Flegrei and head north towards Mondragone where some good pastry is waiting for us. After a good coffee we keep riding and ...

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Into the Heart of the Alps ! - (TEB 190a)

9. Oktober 2019

And so we were all gathering in our start hotel in Erding in South Bavaria with an all-Chinese group of riders mainly from Bejing. Most of them came in already some days ago to explore the area and to get rid of their jetlag. After ...

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Early Bird

8. Oktober 2019

Early Bird - Gültig bei Online-Buchung einer Europatour aus dem Standard-Edelweiss- Programm bis zum 31.10.2019.(nicht gültig für Selbstfahrertouren und Motorradvermietungen) Der Betrag wird nach Eingabe im Buchungsprozess automatisch abgezogen. Keine Barablöse oder Umbuchung möglich.

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2TU1902 Tuscany by Scooter - ain't no lollygaggin' here

7. Oktober 2019

While in northern Europe riders start to prepare their bikes for winter season, here in Tuscany in Italy, you still can get a little more out of the riding season. Even though it is no summer temperatures here either, it is still nice and comfortable for riding.  And although the ...

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Alps Extreme in October 2019 (4AE1906)

7. Oktober 2019

Today we started out from Mieming with our small group and took on our first mountain pass the „Kühtai“ which brought us up to 2000 meters above sea level. After enjoying an applestrudel we followed a very small forest road to Imst and up the mountains again ...

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BOI 1903 The Best of Italia

6. Oktober 2019

Dream Team

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Touring Center Alps ( SPT 19095)

4. Oktober 2019

Lee and his friends ( Andrew, Stevie, Matt & Mathew and Ed) , decided to make some nice rounds around the Alps before they will go to the Octoberfest in Munich.... We had fabulous weather so have a look at the customized special tour.

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