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Rollercoasting Croatia and Slovenia (4SC1401)

16. Juni 2014

DAY 4 Rest day in Plitivice Today we spent the first part of the day hiking around the several lakes of Plitvice National Park, a marvel of nature with countless waterfalls, creeks and lush vegetation. A relaxing short boat ride to start with, the ...

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Tres Venezolanos en San Moritz (ATC1402)

16. Juni 2014

Last day of the Alps Touring Center. The gravitational pull of Switzerland was very strong, so the Venezolanos wanted to go back. To St. Moritz. To visit the rich and beautiful. And to go shopping. So here we go...

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Tour of the Pyrenees / Pyrenäen Tour PYT1401

15. Juni 2014

"The Taxi Riot Tour" former knows as "The Tour of the Pyrenees" PYT 1401 Last arrival day for the clients always have surprises...this time half of the tour members faced the wold wide taxi riot when trying to leave the airport of Barcelona. No way of ...

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SPT14020 Corsica-Sardinia - the other way round

13. Juni 2014

Rumour has spread that there are two islands in the Mediterranean which are as close to motorcyclist's heaven as can be. Nine riders have embarked on a tour to find out if this is true. But before they crossed the sea, it was back to the ...

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Alps and Lakes - June 2014 (CAL 1402)

10. Juni 2014

Welcome to the second Alps & Lakes Tour 2014. We were a colorful mix of travelers this time with tour-members coming from USA, Mexico, Australia, and the Arabian Emirates. Including three German guides we pretty much had the globe encircled with this special melange of five countries. ...

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Day 9: 2014 Ducati Tour Corsica-Sardegna 9SK1401

10. Juni 2014

Day 9: Calvi - Pisa ~ France - Italy Sadly we already had to leave Corsica again. Today's ride didn't make leaving any easier. After leaving our hotel in Calvi we headed north on small and twisty side roads again. St. Florent, where the Romans founded ...

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Croatia by Scooter 2CR1401

9. Juni 2014

Day 5, Risnjak National Park The day started with a coffee break by the lake and a nice welcome by Jack, a friendly dog. What a nice experience tracking in the Risnjak Nation Park! One hour walking in the nature surrounded by brighting  coulours ...

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Alps Touring Center - Evasion BMW (ATC140A)

3. Juni 2014

Day 5 - our last riding day... After two long riding days today we roll out of our Alpine Experience... but even close to Seefeld there is a lot to see:

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Best of Italy Ducati (9SI1401)

1. Juni 2014

DAY 6. San Marino to Bologna Yes, it's the last day. At some point it had to come. But. It's gonna be a blast. 264km of pure riding pleasure, first out of San Marino and in the surrounding hills, then on of the most famous mountain ...

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From Dresden through Poland back to the Czech Republic: Brazilians heading east (SPT14006)

26. Mai 2014

Após o dia de descanso em Dresden que o tempo para voltar nas motos hoje. Destino: Lazne Belohrad, uma cidade termal tradicional no norte da Boêmia. Com sauna, massagens e outros tratamentos chamando o grupo não conseguiu chegar lá quase o suficiente ... (After the rest ...

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Alps & Lakes May 2014 (Cal 1401)

19. Mai 2014

Hello everybody and welcome to the Alps and Lakes Harley Davidson tour 2014. This was a stunning time of year to be in the alps and the CAL 1401 was the perfect introduction to one of the world's most outstanding motorcycle plagrounds! A Paradise of warm lush ...

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Alps Touring Center (ATC 1401)

11. Mai 2014

Friday: Topic of the day - riding in the clouds Faith didn't ride with us - but she got her instructions on how to spend the day on her own briefing.

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Welcome to the "Best of Europe"(BOE1401)

10. Mai 2014

Day 7 back to Munich, Germany Is it really true? The trip is coming to an end... On our last riding day we rolled out of the Alps and along the King Ludwig´s castles... "Linderhof" was on our list, even in the ...

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Sicily to Rome... RTS1402

6. Mai 2014

The RTS1402 is over We would like to thank all tourmembers for a wonderful time together and we wish everybody a safe trip back home. Ride safe and keep in touch! Ciao!!! Your Tour Guides Alan Domenico ...

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