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6AA2005 - A family event

24. August 2020

The Alps Riding Accademy was founded to help motorcycle riders to improve their riding on challenging roas to get ready for the mountain passes all over the world and in the Edelweiss broschure. We had in mind guests from overseas and rather flat parts of the globe. To our positive ...

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Alps Extreme 2004

22. August 2020

Alps Extreme 2004  Endlich die erste Alps Extreme dieses Jahr

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4CI2001 Atlantic Mountains Extreme

25. Februar 2020

three islands - three worlds

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SPT20003 Touring Center Tenerife

17. Februar 2020

Atlantic Mountains roads on three islands - pure enjoyment

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6CI2001 - Fahrakademie Teneriffa

1. Februar 2020

Die Dritte ihrer Art - die Erste auf Teneriffa

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4CI1906 - Die letzten Kanarischen Sonnenstrahlen 2019

18. Dezember 2019

The Canary Island extrem

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4CI1905 - Canary Islands extrem

7. Dezember 2019

The grand final die TF-28

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4CI - Kanarische Inseln extrem

30. November 2019

Tag 5 - Das große Finale zurück nach Teneriffa

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Moto Gp Valencia & the Route of Don Quijote

24. November 2019


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The Dolomites on a Ducati

15. November 2019

Bryan Cheyne joined the Precious Dolomites (selfguided) tour, he made a video for GearUp Video Reviews and wrote an article for leisurewheels.co.za and maroelamedia!      

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Marokko MCT1902

11. November 2019

The bikes are ready

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Southern Spain Extreme (Fall 2019)

5. November 2019

Art, Tom Matt, Dave, Charlie, Kees, Frank and Jörg all former extreme riders have decided to finish the season in riding the Souther Spain extreme Tour. What a good choice boys the weather and the road conditions will be perfect and we are going to ride thousands ...

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1TB1901 - Welttour von Tallinn nach Bangkok

3. November 2019

Weeeee did it! We made it safe and sound to Bangkok! Around 17000km through 2 continents, 7 country’s in 73 days brought us down here on a trip of a lifetime! Congratulations to the whole crew and thank you to everybody who made this journey possible!

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Alps Touring Center - riding in paradise ATC1905

28. Oktober 2019

Excitement - that’s the right word to describe the feelings when the group met in Seefeld! The beautiful bikes were lined up, a great mix of German, Italian and Japanese designs.

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