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9AS1403 Majestic Alps on Ducati - back in Seefeld!

23. August 2014

Day 7: Last Day - Kals, Austria - Seefald - Austria Everybody is sad about leaving this beautiful Mountains. We will come back soon is the general meaning.

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ANC 1401 - Adventure North Cape

7. August 2014

TEXT&PHOTOS: Michael Kreuzmeir and Manuel Marabese Day 10 - Alta to Lakselv After such a big ride we deserve half rest day (yes only half is enough, it's an adventure tour...) where we can sleep in a ...

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Majestic Alps 9AS1402

3. August 2014

Day 7, Kals to Seefeld The last riding day of this fantastic trip has sadly arrived but it was another great day! We first rode on the Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse, the most famous alpine road of Austria. There, on the Franz Josefs Hütte, we could ...

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Best of Europe - BOE1404

1. August 2014

The Best of Europe - 5 countries, a lot of culture, different food, different languages and last not least perfect riding. We are quite a big group - 19 people, 11 motorcycles, 3 tourguides. Off we go - follow us on the blog. ...

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Norway Touring Center 2 (NTC1402)

31. Juli 2014

DAY 1: Atlantic Road How pretty can Norway be? Let's discover it together... another motorcycle tour across fjords and trolls has started... stay tuned! A well assorted group that spans from Australia to Canada (passing trough Turkey/Netherland, United States and England) has flown ...

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Norway Touring Center NTC1402

31. Juli 2014

Following you find some image impressions from our Touring Center Norway:

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Through Slovakia and Hungary: rest day in Budapest (CKC1402)

29. Juli 2014

From Cracow we headed south, to Slovakia, country no. 5 on our bucket list. Most drivers in Slovakia actually don't seem to have a proper license, but we managed to cross the country and made it to no. 6, Hungary. Budapest welcomed us with balmy temperatures and ...

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0AB1401 Zero Emission Tour

29. Juli 2014

Although the Zero Emission tour is not custom-made, it definitely is one of Edelweiss' special tours! In fact a very special one because this is the very first guided motorcycle tour to be done without any emission and absolutely in silent mode - 5 courageous bikers are ...

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Norway Touring Center 1 (NTC1401)

23. Juli 2014

Day 4: Geiranger+ WHAT A DAY! Geiranger+ I would say, because in these 13 hours trip we have gathered quite a few stories to tell! Shall we start with the "arctic lagoon" turquoise water of the glacial lakes along the hard pack trail of ...

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The Viking Experience SPT14021

22. Juli 2014

Day 8 - Rest day in Oslo Hello - today we too the chance to visit and see a bit of Oslo, the capital (as well as the biggest city) of this beautiful country! This city is a hub of Norwegian trade, banking, industry ...

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Best of Europe 1403

14. Juli 2014

 The Best of Europe - 5 of the most beautiful countries in Europe - is on a run. We have an international group of riders: 1 Australian, 4 Canadians, 2 Brazilians, 10 Americans and 3 German tourguides. A lot of excitement is waiting for us ...

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Alps Extreme 4AE1402

13. Juli 2014

Day 6 - Toblach-Innsbruck The very last one, and how did we start? Yup: perfect morning blue skies:

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Back to Vienna, what a pity... (CKC1401)

12. Juli 2014

...because this means the Kings & Castles Tour is over. Final highlights were the huge basilica in Esztergom and the site of the original Paneuropean Picnic that took place on the Austro-Hungarian borger on August 19, 1989. This is where the iron curtain started to crumble, and ...

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Viking Experience Norway 2014 (CVE1401)

11. Juli 2014

Day 7: From Bergen to Fjærland Today is another day to remember. After leaving Bergen trough the E16 we reach Voss, the adrenaline capital of Norway: rafting, paragliding, canoeing, climbing, skiing... You name it, they got it! Then it's time for two very narrow ...

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