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Schotterstraßen Istriens, Kroatiens, Sloweniens = am Balkan UPI

11. Mai 2019

the beach road to Meduline is pure fun

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RTS1901: From Sicily to Rome!

9. Mai 2019

Thank you very much and keep the shiny side up, it's been a blast! Michaela & Tony

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Morocco Maidens (MCT190A)

5. Mai 2019

A new special edition of our Morocco tour is about to start... This time female only!  A group from US organised by Anne Lee is about to start our Spain-Gibraltar-Morocco tour: Pamela, Kelly, Dawn, Halsey, Kera, Melanie, Annette, Chrstine and of course Anne Lee as well. ...

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Andalusia Unpaved... The first of its kind!

25. April 2019


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ATS1901 - Andalusien Tour

25. April 2019

We had a fantastic week and a wonderful group. We hope to see you all again somewhere on this planet. Safe travels and thanks for everything Ursula, Claudia and Dieter

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Southern Spain Extreme ( Spring Version)

23. April 2019

Sierra de los Filabres

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Marokko Tour mit unseren chinesischen Gästen - neue Videos

17. April 2019

Amazing ride through Morroco

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Fahrakademie Andalusien

17. April 2019

As everything began

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6TG1901 Modultour 2019

15. April 2019

Day 6: Bozen to Mieming

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CCC1901 - Flamenco and port wine - The Christopher Columbus Tour

6. April 2019

9. Day: Cordoba - Malaga

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Tourguide Training 2019

18. März 2019

Tag 5: Am heutigen Tag steht mehr die Praxis auf dem Programm - auf alles bestens  vorbereited  

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4CI-The Atlantic Mountains Extreme what a motorcycle paradise

17. Februar 2019

good by Canary Islands good by sun, next winter is soon and you should come

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The Atlantic Mountains Extreme - new year new tour

9. Februar 2019

Welcome to the Canarys

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Touring center Tenerife - Good by winter and hola summer :)

16. Dezember 2018

sadly our Tour comes to an end but we enjoy the sun and sharing the Canary experience as long as we can THX for a great week

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