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2TU1701 Tuscany by Scooter!

30. Mai 2017

Everybody present for the briefing, certainly, not the most fun, but very necessary.

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Alps & Lakes Special Tour welcomes our Chinese Friends "Wing Riders" from Shanghai

27. Mai 2017

New Adventure for the Shanghai Wings Rider who are conquering Bavaria, the southern part of Germany as well as the high Alpine roads of Austria

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Alps and Lakes (CAL 1701)

26. Mai 2017

Alps and Lakes and lots of sunshine. A perfect mix for our guests from America, UK & Australia.

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BIT1701 Toskana Tour

23. Mai 2017

Good Bye everybody. It was a pleasure guiding you. Hope we could give you a taste what Italy is like. And there is so much more out there - awesome roads, good food, nice people. Hope we will see each other again. Safe travels Your ...

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RTS 1701 - Von Rom nach Sizilien

23. Mai 2017

Ciao! Buongiorno! Hello! Welcome to Italy! We're about to start our Rome to Sicily tour. Have a look and follow us to experience some real Italien motorcycle adventures!

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4SA 1702

20. Mai 2017

Day 8 Finale - Vence  What a fabulous last riding day. Only a little rain, but sunny most of the time. All kinds of roads from highway to goat trail, romantic villages like Zuccarello and Peille. Now we have to say good bye to great ...

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Rome to Sicily Special! SPT17067

20. Mai 2017

Day 10, Agrigento - Catania Time has passed very quickly and the last day of our tour has finally arrived. So let's finish our loop around Sicily! We left our hotel and many sweepers took us to Sommatino for a nice coffee break with some local ...

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RTS1702 Sicily - Rome

16. Mai 2017

we made it. We arrived safe and sound in our hotel in Rome. Thanks a lot for a good time.This was a group nothing can go wrong.  Hope we will see each other again.  All the best your tourguides Ursula and Marko

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Pearls of the Adriatic: an exclusive Korean tour

14. Mai 2017

DAY 7: Through Republika Srpska to Crna Gora Montenegro

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The best and most exclusive Tour of Europe

11. Mai 2017

Last day: back to Erding

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Tourguide academy - das Streben nach Perfektion - Modultour 2017

30. April 2017

A week of intensive training just came to an end. Lots of work, lots of fun, lots of rain and lots of interesting experiences - everybody just had a blast. Eight highly trained, ultra-professional tour guides couldn't wait to head out to their assigned tours, but before ...

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Wein, Tapas, Orangen, Oliven ... die Route des Don Quijote

24. April 2017

Manchmal gibt es Fragen, die man einfach nicht mit Nein beantworten kann. Als mich also Edelweiss Bike Travel fragte, ob ich nicht Lust hätte, eine neue Tour vorzubereiten – die Moto GP Valencia & die Route des Don Quijote Tour – war die Antwort sofort klar. ...

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Southern Italy Extreme 4SI1701

23. April 2017

Day 6, Matera - Napoli Last riding day of this beautiful tour! We left Matera under a beautiful blue sky and we headed to Castelmezzano for a very chilly coffee break in the "small Dolomites". After that, many curves took us back to the Campania region ...

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Andalusia Tour (ATS 1701)

16. April 2017

And suddenly there is the last day! What an amazing weather did we have this week, and for sure this last riding day is again under a blue sky. Today s route is from Ronda down the Mediteranean coast and then in a loop back towards Ronda ...

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