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“Sicily to Rome” 2011 (RTS1102) - DAY3

13. Mai 2011

One of the nicest part of Sicily challenges our day: roads recently asphalted, sun, forests and nearly no traffic. Leaving the fishing village in the morning the guides lead the two groups of riders through Parco delle Madonie and Parco dei Nebrodi where some (wild) animals can ...

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“Sicily to Rome” 2011 (RTS1102) – DAY2

12. Mai 2011

Good morning Sunshine! Shall we ask for more? We better remember to wear our (black) sun glasses today! It's gonna be a fascinating ride...

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“Sicily to Rome” 2011 (RTS1102) - DAY1

11. Mai 2011

After our scary stories of the 2010 edition where we broke every record (9 days out of 10 under rain, heavy rain) everyone felt relieved in the moring: blue sky, sunshine and a breakfast view over a snowcapped Etna volcano.

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"Sicily to Rome" 2011 (RTS1102) - Prelude

11. Mai 2011

Sicily, land of majestic sights and quintessence of Southern Italian appeal, here we are! "Rome to Sicily" is the official name of the Tour, but since this is the "way back" we like to call it "Sicily to Rome"... Let's start!

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Rome to Sicily 2011

1. Mai 2011

So finally it's time to start our engines in Rome and head towards the beautiful island of Sicily

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Goodbye, Christopher Columbus!

26. März 2011

The last few days were as good as all the days before. Excellent roads, outstanding landscape and great sights to look at. After we entered Spain again we travelled from Zafra to Cordoba. If you have got only a few hours, then there is only one place ...

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Finally all the pictures

24. März 2011

Finally we could upload some pictures! We left Lisbon this morning and went direction Spain. The first part was kind of boring, long straight roads. Racing carts was a nice break and Randy was fastest. But just have a look at the pictures!

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See you again, Lissabon

23. März 2011

After a very remote place like San Diago de Cacem everybody was looking forward to the booming life in Lisbon. A good riding day on a variation of twisty and strait roads brought us to Troia where the ferry left for Setubal. Overlooking the city from the ...

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Christopher Columbus Tour

20. März 2011

Well, we are allready at the end of day four and there is only to say "so far so very good". As we arrived in Malaga the weather God decided that the Iberian Peninsula got enough rain and so he cleared the sky for our tour. Four ...

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