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It's over: Ducati Corsica-Sardegna-Tour 9SK1301

23. Mai 2013

It's hard to believe, but our Ducati motorcycle tour of Corsica and Sardegna has come to an end. We are back in Bologna, with a big smile on our face! The last riding day offered a few more highlights: great mountain roads, an unforgettable lunch and finally ...

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Tour of Tuscany Spring 2013 - BIT1301

22. Mai 2013

7th Day - last riding day - San Marino to Florence

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SPT1396 Lisboa/Portugal/Spain

22. Mai 2013

A group of Brasilian guys is experiencing Portugal and Spain by motorcycle. Edelweiss arranged a special tour for them starting and finishing in Lisbon. Within 9 days we will be visiting places like Merida, Cordoba, Sevilla, Faro and Beja.

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Alps Lakes 2013 (The first)

20. Mai 2013

In Bavaria the spring is in full bloom around May. There is still snow in the mountains, and the lakes and rivers are flush with rushing water. We were Looking forward to a wonderful tour together as our guests arrived - and we weren't disappointed. From Ireland, Switzerland, USA ...

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Adriatic Roller-coaster Special Tour SPT1348

16. Mai 2013

7 brave couples and friends from Mexico requested a special tour of Slovenia an Croatia.  This tour includes some upgraded stays but still the great roads of the Adriatic coast and lower Alps.  The group is anxious to get started and are waiting for Stephan to get ...

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BOE1301 - Best of Europe, in all conditions!

13. Mai 2013

Day 7: Rothenburg to Erding The final riding day of the tour. We leave Rothenburg after a good night’s sleep and ride to Dinkelsbühl, another well preserved medieval town. After look around and a coffee, we follow sweeping roads across the Fränkische Alb into the beautiful ...

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SPT1376 The MOTOPANAS in the Adriatic Adventure

12. Mai 2013

Edelweiss Bike Travel waiting the Venezuela´s Team...

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Rome to Sicily RTS130A - 18 Brazilians exploring southern Italy! 18 brasileiros explorando o sul da Itália!

30. April 2013

5 May, Day 8, Cefalù - Agrigento Today we crossed the island again and we went from the northern coast to the southern one, where we could admire the famous "valley of the temples" in Agrigento, a town founded by the greeks ...

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CCC1301 Christopher Columbus Tour

14. März 2013

Day 8+9 Zafra via Cordoba back to Malaga The last 2 days of our Christopher Columbus Tour! This means back into the twisty Andalusian mountain roads !! Good Morning view of the Zafra fortress!

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ATS1202. Bulls, Apes, Smurfs and... Bikers!

4. November 2012

Hi everyone! A big from arround the world, star another Tour in Andalucia, south of Spain. Málaga, between the beach an the mountains, but with a little bit of rain today. First cafe-stop at "Fuente de la Reina" and... meet the locals!

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Flamenco vs Fado, CCC1202.

12. Oktober 2012

A diverse group ready for touring the South of Spain and Portugal ... and fast! no time to take pictures in Malaga, we arrive to Sevilla. Two nice girls on the Parasol.

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Rome To Sicily - RTS1203

10. Oktober 2012

9. Bring em back to Catania - Day, 20.10.12 Last riding day. We did the last klicks on the bikes and headed to Catania. After the farewell dinner we had to say goodbye. Thanks to everybody for a fantastic tour. See you ...

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Alps and Lakes (Oct. 2012)

9. Oktober 2012

When you say Alps and Lakes, you should rightfully think of WATER, don't you think? Like one thinks of sand when you say Saharah, or Palm Trees when you mention pina colada. Just try to say "Alps and Lakes" and not think of trees and water. It's hard, for ...

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TOUR OF TUSCANY – BIT1203 – running

2. Oktober 2012

Last riding day - back to Florenz - some pictures

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